FAQ Granny Flats

These are the 3 most questions that I get asked when it comes to granny flats and I thought I would share it with everyone.

Before I delve into them, what is a granny flat ? The name originated as a means for families to accommodate ageing parents, since then the introduction of the 2009, NSW Government Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) made it permissible for residential home owners who fulfill the requirements to build in their backyard under a streamline, efficient process. These granny flats where then being used to not only accommodate growing families, it was also an excellent opportunity for investors and the like!

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Food for Thought

I caught up with a client who had built her Granny Flat through my previous employer in Burwood, Sydney. Over a cup of coffee, I asked her how everything was going with the granny flat and essentially feedback in general. She responded with positive comments however one particular statement really caught me off guard. We built a 2 bedroom granny flat for the customer with ensuites for both bedrooms & separate laundry. So essentially it was 2 Master Bedrooms with a shared living & kitchen under the same roof line and totalling 60sqm.

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