In times long past an honour code was used in any business transaction, it was a person’s word and that was enough. The measure of a person was judged by their honour in speak, not by the car they drove or the lawyer they employed, but what they delivered!

Now we are surrounded by technology and the rules, building codes are said to be placed in stone, but the honour has been removed.

We at Chivalry Construction want that to be re-instated, each of our clients comes under our protection, they will know that they will at all times be regarded with respect, due diligence and above all honesty.

Granny Flat Construction Sydney
It is a code from the ‘knights of old’, no matter what colour, race or creed you belong, if you do business with us we will do everything we can to make sure that you are cared for and stay content, we use the term ‘partnership’ as once you are involved with us you are never left!
As our name upholds ‘Honour is our Code’!