The most important element of any construction is arguably the foundation. Integrating piers as part of the house slab design provide a solid support that will sustain vertical pressure. When you see cracks throughout concrete structures it can be due to a number of reasons however the foundation can be the most common explanation.

This can be attributed to depth of piers and also strength of concrete. I remember doing a site inspection last month in Toongabbie where the customer complained of this exact problem. Upon further investigation I found out the piers were only 600mm deep. To put this in perspective it was a large 5 Bedroom, 2 storey full brick house ! No wonder there were cracks emerging. On all our granny flats we use 1.2m reinforced mass concrete bored piers & 25MPA strength concrete. In layman’s terms it means your foundation is rock solid and everyone can sleep easy at night !

The last thing I want is a call in the middle of the night from a customer saying they’ve got cracks in the concrete !

Best Wishes,
Rahman Bahin – Director Chivalry Construction

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