Chivalry Construction is a boutique, Australian owned and operated Construction Company specialising in affordable, high quality Granny Flat Construction throughout Sydney. Granny Flats are our passion; it’s safe to say they’re in our blood! We cover all aspects of the construction process of custom designed granny flat in Blacktown, starting with Design & Approvals all the way over to Handover. We understand each project is unique and look forward to seeing how we can best help you.

Chivalry Construction’s philosophy is “The road to success is always under construction”. Our goal is to be congruent & transparent ‘do what we say we are going to do’ SIMPLE. High quality, efficient builds that maximize the use of the land and return on investment for our customers.








Why Choose to Build with Chivalry?
  • Boutique construction company where our customer’s are not just numbers, they are viewed as family members
  • Competitive UPFRONT pricing with no hidden surprises
  • Open lines of communication where you speak with the DIRECTOR’S directly
  • Custom designed HIGH quality build
Granny Flat Construction Sydney

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